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The technique invented by Hair Prosthetics is the latest technological advancement in replacing lost hair due to medical conditions. These prosthetics are expertly made and custom fitted to meet the special needs of the hair loss patient.


This service affords EWHS to work with
leading dermatologists, hormonal considerations, myths related to hair loss, treatment options and hair additions. Modern forms of hair additions have also made recent improvements in simulating a natural appearance.


 A consultation with a skilled specialist to discuss your options is advised. Hair loss and hair replacement therapies are at their most advanced. You have to be confident and feel comfortable with your hair replacement provider which separates our center from others in the industry. We offer total commitment, excellent skills and professionalism to customer satisfaction assuring you have made the right choice.


Thinning hair can be an unpleasant experience.
The best solutions to thinning hair are integrated
hair additions, available in full custom, pre-custom and in combination and partial design. Existing hair is integrated into unique additions to add fullness, length or volume. This product is also available in synthetic or human hair and is very secure.


There are many types of hair extensions. Our
procedure is not harmful to the hair.


We offer FREE private consultations to determine if the hair can handle extensions because of thinning and strength of hair.


We can add length, fullness, texture, that is durable for swimming, exercise, etc. Our hair replacement services fit every lifestyle and budget need and are provided in a
compassionate, welcoming, comfortable and professional environment. So, stop dreaming and start living.


Note: Hair extensions are not for Alopecia Areata or chemotheraphy patients clients with bald patches.


Dr. Dorothy Flake PHD, is a Cosmetic Certified Therapist, of Salon EKALF Hairloss Solutions LLC, in Houston, Texas. Dr. Flake has years experience specializing in hair loss due to medical conditions offering cranial prosthesis, seamless non-surgical hair replacement and all additional salon services.


Dr. Dorothy Flake received her Doctorate of the Art of Beauty Culture from the National Institute of Cosmetology, Washington, DC. Also past Chancellery of Texas State Association and Beauty Culturist League #47, National Instructor for New Concepts Hair Goods, provider and educator for hands on seminars for Introduction to hair replacement.



Dr. Dorothy Flake featured in the 2010 Who's Who in Black Houston


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