What Hair Replacement has Done to Help our Customers, Clients and Students ...


"My hair had been falling out for several years, and I started to wear wigs. I went to a Dermatologist who told me about a service for Hair Replacement/Restoration, SALON EKALF, with Dr. Flake. I made an appointment with Dr. Flake and followed through with the steps for Hair replacement/Restoration. I received the Hair replacement/Restoration and the results have been 'Fantastic.' Thank you Dr. Flake. You have provided a much needed service to me and others. Wearing the Hair replacement/Restoration Unit has made a difference in my attitude and my feeling about going out in public. Thank you for being you....treating me and others with 'SUCH RESPECT AND DIGNITY' "




"My hair loss problem began approximately 20 years ago. I folllowed the advice of Dermatologist, and cosmetologist trying to re-grow  my hair to no avail. I began wearing a wig, concluding that loss of hair was in my genes, and wearing a wig was the only option. However, two (2) years ago, my sister referred me to Dr. Flake, Hair Replacement Specialist at SALON EKALF. After a consultation with Dr. Flake, I was so impressed by her wealth of knowledge and caring spirit, I decided to switch from wigs to Hair replacement/Restoration the service done by Dr. Flake who continuously services my hair needs. Thank you Dr. Flake for your professionalism and care-giving services. The Hair Replacement/Restoration Unit  and your hair treatments have done wonders in restoring my confidence and enhancing my appearance cosmetically."



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